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Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 114_Russ Payne_Lone Star Speed

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 114_Russ Payne_Lone Star Speed

July 7, 2020

Russ PayneLone Star Speed

Today, we head to Northeast Texas to the massive, state-of-the-art 40’x50’ garage of Russ Payne. 

Recently completed, Russ’ massive garage is a personal tribute to his late father and the many years they spent working on cars together as father and son.  The new, standalone facility is beyond just an impressive man cave – with high-speed internet and top-end audio/visual equipment – as it is replete with key elements like a hydraulic lift and a sandblasting station.

When not working as an IT executive for a heavy equipment dealership in Dallas, Russ is wrenching, modifying, and tuning a variety of vehicles in his stable.  Those rides span the gamut, from a Fox-body Mustang to a 2014 Mercedes GLK 350 4Matic.

It’s time to head to Dallas and hang out with a true gearhead and go-fast car guy.

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 113_2020 Carlisle Events_Chevy Nationals

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 113_2020 Carlisle Events_Chevy Nationals

June 30, 2020

2020 Carlisle Events: Chevy Nationals

Today, we recount our weekend at the 2020 Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals.   Join us as we celebrate all things General Motors at the World-famous Carlisle Fairgrounds.

Turning 50 this year are Monte Carlos and the LS6 big-block — 454 cubic inches of rat motor combustion.  

It’s time to turn back the clock to the Year 1970, while sharing some sweet sound bites of exhaust snarls and  the thunder of Bruce Larson’s nitrous-breathing quarter-mile monster.


Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 112_Sam and Lou Personal Rides

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 112_Sam and Lou Personal Rides

June 23, 2020

Cars of Carlisle Intracast: Sam & Lou's Personal Rides

Today, Cars of Carlisle Network team members, Lou Gianacopoulos and Sam Fahringer, discuss their respective car’s upgrades since their initial C/of/C debut in February of 2019.

Follow along as the guys discuss everything about their cars, from fanboying over RideTech’s equipment to some of their trials and missteps along the way during their respective builds.  Their project cars have been a true labor of love; in fact, their Nova and Skylark have both come a long way since last year.

It’s time to hear Sam and Lou’s build stories.

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 111_John Hammer

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 111_John Hammer

June 16, 2020

John Hammer:  Dodge Spokesperson

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Today, join us in speaking with professional automotive broadcaster, John Hammer.  In addition to being a facilitator, radio / podcast host, writer, and precision driver, John is a modern-day Mopar expert. 

For 14 years, Mr. Hammer has worked as a Dodge spokesperson, sharing his encyclopedic-level knowledge with fans everywhere.  Additionally, John knows how to get around a track.  Raised in Detroit, John has been a drifter, an autocross racer, as well as a road course race car driver.  Climb over the roll cage and listen in -- he has some stories you’re going to enjoy!

It’s time to ‘get outta Dodge’ and travel down to Charlotte, North Carolina to talk all things Dodge.  

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 110_John Clor

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 110_John Clor

June 9, 2020

John Clor Ford’s Enthusiast Communications Manager   

Today, you will meet John Clor, a key employee at Ford Motor Company.   As Ford’s Enthusiast Communications Manager, Mr. Clor works tirelessly to stay at the center of the Ford Performance Club Connect scene.  Without a doubt, he strives constantly to understand Ford customers’ passions, ambitions, and interests.  Through this ongoing awareness, John acts as liaison between Ford owners and Ford corporate leadership.  

In addition to his years with FoMoCo, John has been an automotive journalist who once test-drove and wrote for Auto Week.  For over four decades, he has wrenched on, owned, raced, and written about Blue Oval products of all types.

It’s time to head to Detroit and talk Ford Performance with John Clor!

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 109_John Diekewicz

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 109_John Diekewicz

June 2, 2020

John Diekewicz:  Mopars on the Mother Road

Today, we spend some time John Diekewicz, a true friend to the C/of/C show.  Without a doubt, John has been all about Mopars since the Eighties, starting with his first car, a ‘58 Plymouth Belvedere. 

As you may recall from his previous interview – Episode 045 which aired on March 12, 2019 – John has been a tremendous champion for the brand, especially educating others about the ‘Forward Look’ era of Mopar. 

In this week’s show, John shares, in engaging and descriptive detail, how he and fellow car buddies saw America from “eye-level” in a 1958 Plymouth Fury and a 1960 Dodge Phoenix.  Commencing in Williams, California, John and his crew navigated back to the East Coast, by way of wide open desert roads and brief sojourns in idyllic towns along the way.   

It’s time to hit the open road for a cross-country trek that ticks all the boxes for a true road trip adventure!

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 108_Candy Clark_American Graffiti Movie (1973)

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 108_Candy Clark_American Graffiti Movie (1973)

May 26, 2020

Candy Clark:  Actress – Movie American Graffiti (1973)

By Team Cars of Carlisle
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Today, meet Hollywood actress, Candy Clark, who was a key cast member in a memorable car movie franchise.  Join in as we speak with Ms. Clark, who earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in her role as Debbie Dunham in the 1973 classic American Graffiti and later teamed up with fellow cast members in the 1979 sequel, More American Graffiti.

In the original film – co-written by George Lucas – Candy plays Debbie, the girl that Terry “Toad” Fields drives around in the 1958 Chevy Impala owned by Steve Bolander (played by Ron Howard).   To this day, Candy knows cars; she has kept tabs on those iconic vehicles that co-starred with her back in 1973.  Think back to that chromed -out Impala…that canary yellow 1932 Deuce Coupe (driven by Paul Le Mat, as John Milner)…the tricked-out, big-block ’55 Chevy (driven by Harrison Ford, as Bob Falfa), and the ’56 T-Bird (driven by Suzanne Somers, as the mysterious blonde). 

It’s time to drift back in time to August 1962, to that fictitious night in Southern California when a group of teenagers experienced music, pranks, cruising, drag racing, and life decisions.

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 107_Matt, Nikki, Dylan Ondek:  Ondek Racing

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 107_Matt, Nikki, Dylan Ondek: Ondek Racing

May 19, 2020

Matt, Nikki, Dylan Ondek:  Ondek Racing  

Today, meet the Ondek Family.  Dirt track racing has been part of Matt and Nikki’s household, marriage, and business for many race seasons.  As owners of the Carlisle branch of Midas Mufflers, The Ondeks are immersed in the automotive industry. When the weekends arrive, it’s time for them to go racing.

Matt, with years of dirt oval track experience, and the support of his wife, Nikki, continues to run their two race cars around the Greater Central Pennsylvania tracks.  Now, with teenage son, Dylan, reaching driving age – and his own talents as an e-racer -  The Ondek Racing Team may soon have an additional driver.

It’s time to crawl into the Sportsman Class Sprint Car and hang out with The Ondeks.

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 106_Alexandra Paul - Actress Movie Christine (1983)

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 106_Alexandra Paul - Actress Movie Christine (1983)

May 12, 2020

Alexandra Paul:  Actress – Movie Christine (1983)

Today, meet Hollywood actress, environmentalist, health coach, activist, and fan of electric vehicles, Alexandra Paul.

Many of you know Alexandra’s work, including her roles as Lieutenant Stephanie Holden on Baywatch, as Connie Swail in the movie Dragnet (1987), among many other on-screen performances.  However, most car fans will remember her as Arnie Cunningham’s girlfriend – Leigh Cabot -- in the 1983 movie Christine, based on the Stephen King novel.  How we all remember that red-painted mechanical menace … a 1958 Plymouth Fury.     

You’ll hear all about Alexandra’s memories on and off the Christine set, as well as what she’s working on now.  Additionally, listen in to hear more about her passion for electric vehicles and the environmentally-friendly rides she’s driven over the years.  

It’s time to head out to sunny Southern California!  

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 105_Mark “Fletch” Fletcher - TV Host of “Classic Restos”

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 105_Mark “Fletch” Fletcher - TV Host of “Classic Restos”

May 5, 2020

Mark "Fletch" Fletcher:  TV Host of "Classic Restos"

Today, meet Australian television personality and car show host, Mark Fletcher.   “Fletch” – as he is known by his thousands of fans all over the world – has a bigger-than-life personality.  With his deep knowledge of classic vehicles and a gregarious, approachable nature, he makes friends instantly, no matter on what continent he is filming his car show. 

With over 600 episodes of his car show broadcast across television networks in four countries, Fletch has been entertaining his viewers with his wit and charm since 2006. 

Ride along to hear about all the amazing places he’s been to interview car owners … from New Zealand to the islands of the South Pacific to the Mother Road / Route 66, and even to the fairgrounds of Carlisle Events.  Additionally, Fletch has been up-close-and-personal with some of the most fantastic vehicles on the planet.

It’s time to go down under, mates!