Cars of Carlisle

Cars of Carlisle (C/of/C): Episode 047 — Classic Auto Mall

March 26, 2019

Stewart Howden:  Classic Auto Mall

Today, you will get a C/of/C-exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of a truly one-of-a-kind automobile consignment facility.  We’re talking about the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. 

Meet Stewart Howden, president of this world-class vehicle consignment house nestled in Southeastern PA. You’re about to learn all about the 336,000 square foot, climate-controlled building that can house 1,000 for-sale vehicles under nearly 8 acres of roof!

Grab your checkbook, call the bank, secure the loan – it’s time to go classic car shopping.  So…..

Let’s……get…..REVVED UP!

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